Torque Release Technique

The Chiropractic Technique I utilize is called Torque Release Technique, (TRT).  TRT is the most up-to-date technique available. It has been designed as part of scientific research into the health benefits of chiropractic. As such it is a mixture of the “best-of-the-best” systems of chiropractic assessment and treatment.

The power behind this gentle Chiropractic technique lies in its analysis.  TRT provides the ability to determine where, when and how areas of the spine need to be corrected.  No guesswork.  Adjusting the right segment at the right time allows the body to release deep spinal tension that would otherwise cause the same areas of malfunction to re-occur over and over again.  Releasing this tension creates the ultimate atmosphere for healing and increases well-being.

Research published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals showed dramatically increased success in reducing anxiety and depression levels, and improved measurements of well-being, when Torque Release Technique  Adjustments were received.

Chiropractic is not just about "bad backs".

Spinal Subluxations can best be described as specific sites of spinal malfunction leading to irritation of the body's central computer, the nervous system. The end result of this is separation from wholeness and an inability to experience well-being.  If the spine is allowed to express itself without interference (free of subluxations) a person can express full potentialIf the nervous system "feels good", then usually the rest of the body "works well".

Bottom line: If your spine is getting tight - your "nerves" will be getting tense. If your emotions are getting strung-out your spine will be winding up. When we release your spine - your emotions will relax. When you unwind your mind - your spine will release.

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